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"The voice of a crystal bell. Fellini is captivating." - NOLA Defender

"A playwright to be watched." - Woman Around Town

"Darkly humorous", "deliciously ghoulish", "wrenching and visually eloquent", "irresistibly dramatic", "legitimately upsetting" - The New York Times

  • Sara will be making her off-broadway directing and acting debut in MARY'S LITTLE MONSTER at The Players Theater.
  • Sara's direction of the NYC premier of THE BRUTES by Casey Wimpee at the Flamboyán as part of the 10th Anniversary of the Planet Connections Festivity was nominated for an NYIT Award and seven Planet Awards, including:
    • Outstanding Costume Design (Sara Fellini)
    • Outstanding Ensemble
    • Outstanding Direction (Sara Fellini)
  • Sara's short play, THE FALSE DMITRYS was published in the 003 issue of The Dionysian Literary Magazine and was chosen for a staged reading at the issue launch.
                                         Recent roles:
  • Mary Shelley in Thomas Kee's MARY'S LITTLE MONSTER  at the mudlark public theater in New Orleans, the Davenport Theatre in NYC, and Torn Page, the historic home of Rip Torn and Geraldine Page. 
    • "Sara Fellini plays Mary Shelley in a fury of feminist angst", "Ms. Fellini's Mary Shelley was angry and rebellious, energetically sparring with Lord Byron on an equal basis both sexually and intellectually."  Hi! Drama
    • "I particularly enjoyed the performance of Sara Fellini (also the play’s director) as Mary, who did a fine job at bringing to life the brilliant but psychologically troubled author.  Outerstage

  • Asia Booth Clarke in THE BRUTES by Casey Wimpee at The Flamboyán Theater as part of the 10th Anniversary of the Planet Connections Festivity.
    • "Irresistibly dramatic" and "legitimately upsetting" - The New York Times.
    • She lifted the piece with artistry and intrigue." - Arts Independent
    • "[She] expertly played the part of the whimsical and coquettish Asia Booth Clarke." - Drama Queens 
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